Speck Mountain - Badwater

Speck Mountain - Badwater
Speck Mountain - Badwater
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Carrot Top Records (SAKI053)
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Release Date: 2013
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"Following up their 2009 full-length Some Sweet Relief, they continue their wandering eyes & ways from the badlands & into the Badwaters where storms & elements test relationships & souls & weary eyed quests for fresh visions present the group's evolution from a duo to added recruits that deepen their mountainous, wild-western soundscapes" (

"That voice is really the defining component of the band, although Briederick’s fretwork and liquid basslines do yeoman service as well. Opening track “Caught Up” brings the vocals front and center above chiming guitars, reassuring listeners that the band is staying true to its vision. Any number of subsequent tracks follow suit, tweaking the template only minimally while relying on basic components like a hummable melody, understated percussion, and moody, noodling bass. Songs like “Flares”, “Slow So Long”, and “Young Eyes” could all be straight off of Some Sweet Relief, which is—let’s be clear about this—no bad thing. Sure, there is a generally sharper sound here, with less of the warm organic sheen that characterized the earlier album, and less reverb on Balabanian’s vocals. The guitars are perhaps a bit brighter, the keyboards stand out a little more. These are minor changes, though...With such consistency, it’s tough to pick standout tracks, but one obvious choice is album closer “Watch the Storm”. At six and a half minutes, it’s by far the longest tune here, and its length allows for a certain heft that escapes some of the earlier songs. Musically, it doesn’t stray far from the band’s comfort zone: layers of echoey guitars, moderate tempo, rumbling bass and drums, and those hushed vocals. The song’s greater length doesn’t so much indicate new elements as greater amounts of already-familiar elements, although there is a brief, gurgling keyboard solo. ..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Caught Up        
A2 Flares        
A3 Slow So Long        
A4 Coldpoint        
A5 Badwater        

B1 Young Eyes        
B2 Live It Down        
B3 No Words        
B4 Watch The Storm 

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