Alice Tambourine Lovers - Naked Songs

Alice Tambourine Lovers - Naked Songs
Alice Tambourine Lovers - Naked Songs
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Label (Code): Go Down (GODLP041)
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Release Date: 2012
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"Alice Tambourine Lover are a groove machine on the calmest way you can imagine. The music is just perfect for the few quiet moments that you’ve got to deliberate but also to dream...." (

"...Alice Tambourine Lover. The personalized two-man-campfire atmosphere is grooving mightily with acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and of course the name giver, the tambourine. Every time behavior, never intrusive but full of emotion like no other band on the planet.
The songs got a runtime from 3 to 5 minutes and are based on this tambourinekicking (in this case it is played with the foot) attended by the clinking gently acoustic guitar. But the real kick is the part of the electric guitar, fuzzy as ever, more “Wah Wah” is not possible. Waowaoaowaaaaah – I can not shut my mouth which is constantly trying to imitate these sounds. At the same time my foot moves to the tambourine beat. The instrumental minimalism is accompanied by Alice’s beautiful, quiet, but also rough voice..." (

Track List

A1) Angels Gone
A2) Candy Cars
A3) Naked Lady
A4) Track Of You
A5) Shall I Walk Around

B1) Let Desires Come
B2) Hungry Thieves
B3) Crash
B4) Pills Of Fire

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