Subsonics - Die Bobby Die

Subsonics - Die Bobby Die
Subsonics - Die Bobby Die
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Slovenly (0634479131059)
Special Attributes: Includes download of the album
Release Date: 2005
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"Their astonishing sixth album. 'DIE BOBBY DIE' is a sparkling collection of wicked hits. Thirteen tracks of amphetamine-fueled smash-up, delivered with epileptic guitars, primitive drums, and driving bass (courtesy of former MAN OR ASTROMAN? member ROB DEL BUENO)..." (Slovenly)

"...The bass is now played by Rob Del Bueno, the eccentric scientist who lead the sci-fi instrumental band MAN OR ASTROMAN? to world-wide acclaim. And of course, as always since day one, Clay Reeds epileptic guitar spurts and vocals snarl, and the coolest woman in rock&roll since (The Cramps) Poison Ivy, Buffi Aguero and her lo-fi primitive drum beat pounds." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Electricity        
A2 Good Half, Bad Half        
A3 Bad Knots        
A4 Cave In Italy        
A5 A Lot To Learn        
A6 Parasites        
A7 Looking For Something        
A8 Our Lady Of Jaundice        

B1 Die Bobby Die        
B2 These Gallows        
B3 Garbage People        
B4 Why Don't You Give Up On Flowers        
B5 Little Midnight        
B6 Don't Answer The Phone 

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