Entrance - Prayer Of Death

Entrance - Prayer Of Death
Entrance - Prayer Of Death
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): TeePee (TPE900731)
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Release Date: 2006
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"Prayer of Death, as its title implies, doesn't just face the great inevitable, it embraces it, celebrates it, psychedelicizes it, becomes giddy on its poison fumes." (

"...Entrance's combination of blues riffs and psychedelic drone reinforces the fears of mortality and annihilation that course through the lyrics and thread the songs into a powerful statement about deathly dread. "Your head's in the grave", he wails on "Pretty Baby", "but you still don't know why." Reportedly inspired by "the daily death-vibrations of the Modern World", Prayer of Death kicks off with the amped-up "Grim Reaper Blues", which rides a muddy blues riff and an effective call-and-response between singer and band, followed by "Silence on a Crowded Train", its paranoia offset by its immense, edge-of-the-precipice sound. And "Requiem for Sandy Bull (R.I.P.)" is noteworthy less for its sitar drone tribute to the late musician than for the fact that it's a memorial. For Blakeslee, death is the ultimate psychedelic, erasing the mind completely instead of expanding it-- and by the closing track, Blakeslee has made some sort of peace with the idea, which makes the album sound like a journey instead of a tract. His final words are "When you think about death every morning, don't you ever be afraid!" If only it were that easy." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Grim Reaper Blues        
A2 Silence Of A Crowded Train        
A3 Requiem For Sandy Bull (R.I.P)         
A4 Valium Blues
A5 Pretty Baby        

B1 Prayer Of Death
B2 Lost In The Dark
B3 Never Be Afraid! 

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