Gunman & The Holy Ghost - Things To Regret Or Forget

Gunman & The Holy Ghost - Things To Regret Or Forget
Gunman & The Holy Ghost - Things To Regret Or Forget Gunman & The Holy Ghost - Things To Regret Or Forget
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): A Records (5055300359681)
Special Attributes: 180g Vinyl
Release Date: 2013
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"When your influences include Lee Hazlewood, Nick Cave & Leonard Cohen, presumably your album is going to be bleak. Such is the case with Gunman & the Holy Ghost's debut, Things to Regret or Forget. Recorded in the winter months in Berlin, the right season for the insipration of the darkest & most beautifully dramatic songs..." (

"Hailing from Berlin, Germany is the alt-country psychedelic folk project, Gunman & the Holy Ghost, which was initiated by none other than Hákon Aðalsteinsson, a.k.a. founder of shoegaze outfits The Third Sound and Singapore Sling. Almost coming full circle, January 2013 will see the anniversary of their debut release, “Things to Regret or Forget.” The sound that Gunman and The Holy Ghost yield is instantly reminiscent of J. Spaceman’s Spiritualized project at its most gospel and spiritually-infused moments, and at other times channels the melancholy, psychedelic soul of Skip Spence’s Oar. The fusion of these two somber grooves locks in to create a wall-of-sound aesthetic of downtempo alternative country and tranced-out gospel blues. The album’s overall arrangement is nothing short of a very paced and gradual rollercoaster ride of chills as the melancholy vibrations invoke a firm grip on the empathy of the collective human soul." (Read More:

Track List

1. The Eight To Five Train To Nothing
2.  Oh Lord, Let Me Die In Pain
3.  Lonely
4.  I Don't Believe In Love Anymore
5.  Jesus Why Can't I Walk With You
6.  Like A Soldier...
7.  A Way Back From Civilization
8.  Outlaw's Shout
9.  Now It's Too Late
10. Dream Of A Highway 

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