Eat Lights Become Lights - Heavy Electrics

Eat Lights Become Lights - Heavy Electrics
Eat Lights Become Lights - Heavy Electrics Eat Lights Become Lights - Heavy Electrics
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): The Great Pop Supplement (GPS88)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition of 500 copies on ace tri-coloured black, white & clear vinyl
Release Date: 09/2012
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"Heavy Electrics, a seven-track instrumental album that plays like a sonic sci-fi soundtrack, and apart from opening track 'Bound for Magic Mountain' the track names for Heavy Electrics read like a list of Arthur C.Clark short stories!" (

"...Neil Rudd, the man behind Eat Lights Become Lights, has said that Heavy Electrics is the soundtrack to an imaginary film. A film which seems pretty good. Exhilarating and laden with the atmosphere of grimy smears of neon peeking through smog draped industrial skylines, while oppressed people go about their business under the watchful eye of evil corporations with nefarious plans to crush rebellion with ruthless precision.
Far more important than the list of sound-a-bit-likes is that fact that Heavy Electrics takes the influences and goes somewhere with them. And there’s definitely a feeling of going here – the relentless motorik beat and general air of wanderment see to that. But if Heavy Electrics is a journey, the most interesting bits are when it gets a little waylaid, the race for the horizon tempered by the fact we’re totally sodding lost.." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Bound For Magic Mountain        
A2 Heavy Electrics        
A3 Syd Mead Cityscape        
A4 Terminus IV        

B1 Sunrise At Marwar Junction        
B2 La Kraut III        
B3 Runners  

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