Spectral Park - S/T

Spectral Park - S/T
Spectral Park - S/T Spectral Park - S/T
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Mexican Summer (MEX1441)
Special Attributes: Ltd Numbered edition of 750 copies, High Quality Virgin Vinyl, Download Card
Release Date: 2013
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"Of the many feats Luke Donovan pulls off on Spectral Park's self-titled debut album, one of the most notable is how he borrows from the past but avoids nostalgia. Spectral Park opens like an intensely hued psychedelic fun fair with a kicking soundtrack." (,

"Donovan's music is rooted in bygone eras in its style (wild-eyed, psychedelic garage-pop) and how he makes it (tweaking samples taken from a box of records that were headed for the trash), but he rarely sounds wistful for days gone by. Instead, Spectral Park explodes the past and refashions it into something vital. Likewise, while there are hints of influences and kindred spirits throughout the album -- Tame Impala's vivid sonics, Ariel Pink's ability to write new songs that feel like decades-old forgotten treasures, and Micachu & the Shapes' fondness for putting as many sounds as they can in one song then adding a few more, spring to mind -- Spectral Park never feels overly reverent. Most of these songs are as energetic as those by Donovan's more straightforwardly garagey peers, but sound even more electrifying thanks to their oddness" (Read More:

Track List

A1 L'appel Du Vide        
A2 Ornaments        
A3 Nausea        
A4 Lows        
A5 Colours        
A6 Shells        
A7 Filler #54        

B1 Still        
B2 Cut        
B3 Get You Gone        
B4 The Thief's Journal        
B5 Generation Loss 

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