Calexico - Algiers

Calexico - Algiers
Calexico - Algiers Calexico - Algiers
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): City Slang (SLANG50022LP)
Special Attributes: 180g vinyl. Includes the CD of the album
Release Date: 2012
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"...What we're left with, after a few spins have dispersed expectations, is another solid Calexico record, impeccably conceived and imaginatively crafted..." (

"Algiers is one of Calexico’s best albums, certainly its finest since 2003’s Feast of Wire. It augments the core duo of Burns and Convertino with the usual suspects — Jacob Valenzuela on trumpet and various other instruments, Volker Zander on electric and acoustic bass, Martin Wenk on trumpet, keyboards, accordion and a surprising amount of theremin. There are, as always, some Spanish-language cameos. Jairo Zavala, a Spanish guitarist who records as DePedro, sings a lush and romantic “No Te Vayas.” (The trumpet solo at the end of “No Te Vayas” is, quite possibly, the most beautiful sound on the whole album.) Yet, what Algiers does — and what, to my ears, recent albums including The Garden Ruin and Carried to Dust have not — is focus. Even the songs that are packed with sensation, the genuinely epic “Sinner in the Sea” for instance, weave their embellishments into the mix. There are intricacies here, in the slow swells of horns, in the nostalgic trills of piano, in the hip-shifting syncopation of rhythms, but it’s all subsumed in the song. Nothing feels tacked on or extraneous." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Epic         
A2 Splitter         
A3 Sinner In The Sea         
A4 Fortune Teller         
A5 Para         
A6 Algiers        

B1 Maybe On Monday         
B2 Puerto         
B3 Better And Better         
B4 No Te Vayas         
B5 Hush         
B6 The Vanishing Mind

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