Pearl Jam - Ten (2xLP)

Pearl Jam - Ten (2xLP)
Pearl Jam - Ten (2xLP) Pearl Jam - Ten (2xLP) Pearl Jam - Ten (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Epic (88697413021)
Special Attributes: Remastered 180g, Audiophile pressing, Reissue, Gatefold Cover
Release Date: 2009
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"..Nirvana's Nevermind may have been the album that broke grunge and alternative rock into the mainstream, but there's no underestimating the role that Pearl Jam's Ten played in keeping them there..." (

"..Unlike other PJ records where loads of different influences were displayed, Pearl Jam jumped into this record ready to rock their audience's faces. Even the ballads rock pretty hard at times (with the exception of "Oceans" which is pretty much the only soft song on the album) and the guitars are at their soloing prime, whereas soloing took a back seat on future releases with more mature, riff-oriented songwriting. Dave Krusen is a fantastic drummer, utilizing a subdued technique not requiring loads of technicality like the abrasive and wild Dave Abbruzzesse or the extremely technical Matt Cameron. He has some especially good drum tracks on "Why Go" and "Once", in which he uses a very syncopated open hi-hat rhythm along with some offbeat snare hits, leading the bass along in contrast to the guitar's straight palm-muted strumming. He also knows when to take a back seat and just let the music control itself-his soft percussion on "Black" or his use of the timpani on "Oceans" are prime examples, with Krusen doing soft rolls on the timpani behind Vedder's scat-singing and the beautiful arpeggios..." (Read more:

Track List
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A1 Once         
A2 Even Flow         
A3 Alive         
A4 Why Go         
A5 Black         
A6 Jeremy   
B1 Oceans         
B2 Porch         
B3 Garden         
B4 Deep         
B5 Release         
C1 Once         
C2 Even Flow         
C3 Alive         
C4 Why Go         
C5 Black         
C6 Jeremy   
D1 Oceans         
D2 Porch         
D3 Garden         
D4 Deep         
D5 Release

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