Pulp - We Love Life

Pulp - We Love Life
Pulp - We Love Life
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Island Records (4785290)
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Release Date: 06/2016
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" album that hints at music from Pulp's distant past (it's much closer to It than anything they've done since, though it has elements of the epics scattered through His 'n' Hers) while finding a new voice for the band and Jarvis as a lyricist..." (

"We Love Life, in contrast to the bleak This Is Hardcore, is a reflective, life-affirming album about nature and the role it has in life.  Musically, previous trademark elements of Pulp’s sound such as Candida Doyle’s synths take a back seat to lush string sections, choirs, and chirping birds under Walker’s masterful direction, resulting in a more organic sound to compliment the theme of nature.  The willingness of Pulp to evolve musically from album to album, often drastically, is one of the characteristics that has elevated Pulp over Britpop pigeonholing and spared them from sounding dated like other bands from that era..." (
Track List

A1 Weeds    
A2 Weeds II (The Origin Of The Species)    
A3 The Night That Minnie Timperley Died    
A4 Trees    
A5 Wickerman    

B1 I Love Life    
B2 The Birds In Your Garden    
B3 Bob Lind (The Only Way Is Down)    
B4 Bad Cover Version    
B5 Roadkill    
B6 Sunrise

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