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Cave - Threace
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The Notwist - S/T

The Notwist - S/T
The Notwist - S/T The Notwist - S/T
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Subway (LC8297)
Special Attributes: Ltd Release of 500 copies on 180g vinyl
Release Date: 2010
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"...Notwist is an interesting confluence of guitar-rock influences, if the finer points might be lost on folks unable to get past the somewhat egregious presence of various metal tropes" (

"...Those biographers playing fast & loose with genres weren't full of themselves: this record features a good helping of double bass drum action, consistent cymbal abuse, guitar fret squealing and wheedling, lots of chords chug-chug-chugging, and even a few spots where Markus Acher (he of the laconic Teutonic vocalizing) actually essays a few disgruntled ur-screamo barks. Suffice it to say that the kindler, gentler musical backdrops of modern-day Notwist flatter Acher's voice more than the band's headbanging material of thirteen years' past... (Read More:

Track List

A1 Is It Fear?         
A2 Bored         
A3 Crack It Open         
A4 Be Reckless         
A5 K. Das Devil         
A6 One Wasted   
B1 Agenda         
B2 I've Not Forgotten You         
B3 M. Del Terror         
B4 Seasons         
B5 Think For Yourself         
B6 Nothing Like You

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