The Notwist - S/T
The Notwist - S/T
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Dire Wolves - Excursions To Cloudland

Dire Wolves - Excursions To Cloudland
Dire Wolves - Excursions To Cloudland
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records (BBIBR035)
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Release Date: 03/2017
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"...With its title, “Excursions to Cloudland,” the travel itinerary designed by Dire Wolves could be mistaken for seeming to promise something of a gentle journey, a breezy, psychedelic semi-saunter, held aloft by a Floydian pillow of winds..." (BBiB)

"...While the echoes of previous, pioneering excursions may occasionally, faintly bounce off of the walls that make up the circulatory system of “Excursions to Cloudland,” the blood coursing through its collective veins and organs is a particularly spirited strain, a fully original concoction, manifesting in the sounds of Dire Wolves – a sound that pairs perfectly with quickening pulses and flipped lids.…” (BBiB)

Track List

1 Enter Quietly    
2 Fogged Out, Pt. 1 (Listen here
3 Fogged Out, Pt. 2    
4 Cerebration Day

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