Mythic Sunship - Land Between Rivers (Ltd)

Mythic Sunship - Land Between Rivers (Ltd)
Mythic Sunship - Land Between Rivers (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): El Paraiso (EPR038LP)
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Release Date: 04/2017
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"...On their 2nd album on El Paraiso, Copenhagen quartet Mythic Sunship drives even thicker grooves into their niche of extended cave-man fuzz voyages..." (

With a mold shaped around Copenhagen’s deep underground, like that of the avant-noise- punk venue Mayhem and label Posh Isolation, Mythic Sunship cuts a sharp edge into their 10+ minutes sagas, often churning out tracks with seemingly endless amounts of energy. It’s all here: wild bursts of fuzzy and echo-perplexed guitars, thick Geezery basslines, and a galloping myriad of drums tossing and turning like a wild beast. What Mythic Sunship delivers in raw, untamed energy, is kept in place by their deeply grounded tone: Land Between Rivers was captured in a wooden cabin in the north of Sealand, Denmark, where the band secluded themselves and drove deep, making their release as akin to earthy doom as to sprawled-out krautrock - making this feel like the Götterdämmerung of scandinavian heavy psych. Causa Sui’s Jonas Munk took on mixing duties, amplifying the earth tone and adding his sense of space and depth to the recording - thereby adding one of the heaviest as well as trippiest releases in the El Paraiso catalogue. (

Track List (Stream the full album here)

A1     Nishapur    

B2     High Tide    
B3     Silt

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