Magic Pockets - Volcano Of The Bleeding Skies

Magic Pockets - Volcano Of The Bleeding Skies
Magic Pockets - Volcano Of The Bleeding Skies
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Penske Recordings (PENSKEFILE3)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition of 500 copies
Release Date: 11/2026
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"...It’s 7 tracks feature swirling psychedelics, pulsing sequences, stark minimalism all the while incorporating harmony and melodic leads. Drawing heavily from the sounds of bygone eras..." (

“...The seven-track release recalls vintage synth electronica, the dark atmospheric soundtracks of John Carpenter and Goblin, and most recently the Stranger Things soundtrack. ‘Darkest Place’ and opening track ‘Buckle’ both twinkle with the underbelly of the sinister. ‘Lunar Man’ has a hypnotic arpeggiated vibe, ‘Terminal Man’ has ’80s lo-fi electro DNA while ‘No Autopsy’ feels like it creates a parallel universe in sound. With its recording process and palette of sounds, Volcano of The Bleeding Skies is an authentic recall to electronic eighties movie soundtracks. Less a homage, than a sonic kinship using tools of the era...” (Read More:
Track List (Stream the album in full)

A1 Buckle     
A2 Dark Place     
A3 Lunar Caustic     
A4 Terminal Man     

B1 Volcano Of The Bleeding Skies     
B2 No Autopsy     
B3 Epilogue

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