The Myrrors / Centralstodet - Ljudkamrater (Ltd)

The Myrrors / Centralstodet - Ljudkamrater (Ltd)
The Myrrors / Centralstodet - Ljudkamrater (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Cardinal Fuzz (CF068) / Sky Lantern (SLR204)
Special Attributes: Limited black vinyl edition of 350 copies in matte reverse board.
Release Date: 02/2017
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"Ljudkamrater, a new split LP from our beloved Swedish progg rock heads Centralstödet and Tucson, Arizona's own drone-rock/psych ensemble The Myrrors..." (Sky Lantern Records)

"Centralstödet contributes three tracks to Side A, each radiating the mysterious energy of music composed in the moment. The tactile frequencies of guitar and bass played through powerful vintage amps create an intimate atmosphere as the band stretches up and out of the fuzzy Sabbath grooves they’re best known for and into new territory...Flip the record over to Side B and strap in. The Myrrors unleash two tracks (or rather, two parts of a longer thirty-minute piece) that is the best material they’ve produced in terms of ambition and execution..." (Read more: Sky Lantern Records)
Track List (Stream the album in full here)

01 Centralstodet - I E
02 Centralstodet - Yttre Hybriderna
03 Centralstodet - Vega's Bodega
04 The Myrrors - Rayuela
05 The Myrrors - Night Flower Codex

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