Psychic Ills - Hazed Dream

Psychic Ills	- Hazed Dream
Psychic Ills	- Hazed Dream
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Sacred Bones (SBR-063)
Special Attributes: Recorded to 2" tape, Includes Digital Download
Release Date: 2011
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"Hazed Dream is a plodding, dusty kind of psych that comes standard with phased guitars, droning organs, and a slurred and sparse percussive backbone" (

“Faced with a deluge of groove-based psych, many listeners failed to notice Psychic Ills peculiar idiosyncrasy, and they got subsumed. Now that all is quiet, or quieter, on the kaleidoscopic rock front, it’s easier to hear the radical economy that sets them apart. While most freaked-out churners give in to the temptation to throw everything into the cauldron and boil, Psychic Ills cherry-pick their ingredients and slow roast till golden… a mirror in a desert gently turning in the breeze” (The Wire)

Track List

A1 Midnight Moon     
A2 Mind Daze     
A3 Incense Head     
A4 Mexican Wedding     
A5 That's Alright   
B1 Ring Finger
B2 Travelin' Man    
B3 Sungaze     
B4 Dream Repetition     
B5 I’ll Follow You Through The Floor     
B6 Same Old Song

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