The Early Years - II (Col. 2xLP)

The Early Years - II (Col. 2xLP)
The Early Years - II (Col. 2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Sonic Cathedral (SCR110LP)
Special Attributes: Textured embossed sleeve, with one LP white coloured & one black
Release Date: 09/2016
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"...Big gaps between albums are rarely a good sign. In fact, the longer the gestation period, the bigger the let-down. The Early Years could be the rare exception. Their 2nd album, the snappily titled II, a decade in the making, is an unqualified triumph...." (

“...Opener ‘Nocturne’ roars out of the blocks like a band who know they need to grab your attention. A snaking analogue synth line insidiously intertwines with tough, tumbling drums reminiscent of how the Chemical Brothers re-appropriated Ringo’s ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ break for ‘Setting Sun’. The twin guitars of Mackin and Malkinson are incendiary, while Malkinson’s vocal, delivered in the deep baritone favoured by Ian Curtis for Closer, is darkly compelling. It’s a hell of a way to announce your return...II is nothing short of a modern classic; the sound of a band fusing elements of electronic music with raw psych-rock to devastating effect – something more lauded bands have failed to do. If a fraction of the millions who buy Radiohead albums out of habit took a chance on II, The Early Years would have a fraction of the audience their music deserves. No need to leave it ten years next time, eh lads – you’re on a fucking roll." (Read More:

Track List
(Stream in full here)

A1 Nocturne    
A2 Out Of Signal    
A3 Fluxus    

B1 For The Fallen    
B2 Hush    

C1 Clone Theory    
C2 Do It (Again)    
C3 Near Unison    

D1 Hall Of Mirrors    
D2 Memory Case

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