Pixies - Surfer Rosa

Pixies	- Surfer Rosa
Pixies	- Surfer Rosa Pixies	- Surfer Rosa
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): 4AD (CAD 803)
Special Attributes: Comes with full original artwork including thick printed inner sleeve
Release Date: 2004
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"...One of the most compulsively listenable college rock albums of the '80s, the Pixies' 1988 full-length debut Surfer Rosa fulfilled the promise of Come on Pilgrim and, thanks to Steve Albini's production, added a muscular edge that made their harshest moments seem even more menacing and perverse." (

"..Track for track, this is one of the most solid albums ever recorded. It is of course, abrasive, as has been said so many times before, but it is not completely inaccessible. It may take some time to get past the squalls of noise, but once you do, it is easy to see that this actually is a very melodic album. The guitars wail and scream and Joey Santiago uses his instrument like no one had before. Kim Deal's bass work is highly melodic and is the most accessible part of the Pixies' music. The drums are extremely loud, but go with the music so well. They are always in the forefront, and it sounds as if David Lovering is playing right next to you. The last component is, of course, the incomparable Black Francis. However weird and surreal his singing was, it always fit well with the music behind it" (Read more:

Track List
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A1 Bone Machine          
A2 Break My Body          
A3 Something Against You          
A4 Broken Face         
A5 Gigantic          
A6 River Euphrates     
B1 Where Is My Mind?         
B2 Cactus          
B3 Tony's Theme         
B4 Oh My Golly!         
B5 Vamos         
B6 I'm Amazed         
B7 Brick Is Red

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