The Moondoggies - Don't Be A Stranger (2xLP)

The Moondoggies - Don't Be A Stranger (2xLP)
The Moondoggies - Don't Be A Stranger (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Hardly Art (HAR-004)
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Release Date: 10/2016 (2008)
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"...It's the rich three-and-four-part harmonies that really give the Moondoggies' expansive, epic jams their distinctive, vintage sound..." (Pitchfork)

“...On Don't Be a Stranger the Moondoogies are meticulous in their immersion in that era's sound-- a sound that is, by the way, older than even the band's most mature member by more than a decade. Frontman Kevin Murphy has the keening, reedy voice of Neil Young, so it is no wonder that he gravitated toward such cosmic countrified rock. Keyboardist Caleb Quick adds soul and graceful longing to Murphy's ruggedly masculine licks, while the rhythm section of Carl Dahlen (drums) and Robert Terreberry (bass) hold down boozy, plucky grooves...The almost eight-minute stop-and-start suite "Night & Day" opens with a sweetly rolling acoustic guitar that wouldn't sound out of place on an Iron & Wine weeper, but almost halfway through, it becomes the Moondoggies' "Southern Man", a slow-burning surprise (albeit without any political implications) built on an insistent roadhouse piano line, pounding percussion, and a fiery country-blues arrangement..." (Read More:

Track List

1 Ain't No Lord     
2 Black Shoe     
3 'ol Blackbird     
4 Save My Soul     
5 Changing     
6 Night & Day     
7 Undertaker     
8 Jesus On the Mainline     
9 Long Time Coming     
10 Old Hound     
11 Make It Easy     
12 Bogachiel Rain Blues     
13 I Want You To Know     
14 Wash Your Sins Away     
15 Oh Now Honey     
16 Clouds     
17 Side of the Road     
18 Just Messing Around

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