Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): In The Red (ITR 290)
Special Attributes: Includes printed inner sleeve
Release Date: 06/2016
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“..This doesn’t sound like Shaw singing over Segall songs — GØGGS is clearly its own entity, and an exciting one at that. This isn’t a side project, it’s a living, breathing thing with plans to tour and record more..." (

“...This may well be Segall’s most aggressive offering to date. The introductory menagerie of noise and roiling, manic drumming on “Falling In” is one of the most brutal 90 seconds of tape that he’s ever recorded. And it’s not just that he’s foregone his typical bluesy garage rock riffage for the straight-ahead, two-stepping hardcore of Fear or Black Flag; it’s also in the white-knuckled microphone grip of Shaw, the unrelenting punch of his voice shellacked with fistfuls of distortion and reverb. A far cry from Segall’s own garage rock yowl, Shaw thunders and growls through the noise, somewhere halfway between METZ’s Alex Edkins and Henry Rollins. Though the music itself is top-notch, it’s really Shaw that drives the album forward. Both Segall as the writer and the band as a whole have done a fantastic job in creating a vehicle for the Ex-Cult singer’s vocal approach.." (Read More:

Track List (Listen the album in full here)

A1 Falling In    
A2 Shotgun Shooter    
A3 She Got Harder    
A4 Smoke The Würm    
A5 Gøggs    

B6 Assassinate The Doctor    
B7 Needle Trade Off    
B8 Future Nothing    
B9 Final Notice    
B10 Glendale Junkyard

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