Red Dons - The Dead Hand Of Tradition (Col.)

Red Dons - The Dead Hand Of Tradition (Col.)
Red Dons - The Dead Hand Of Tradition (Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Taken By Surprise Records (Surprise 060)
Special Attributes: Orange vinyl in Gatefold cover
Release Date: 2016
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"...songs are instantly recognizable as Red Dons tracks, but the added power of Sparks' guitar gives them even more of an edge than before..." (

“The Dead Hand of Tradition” features ten new tracks of their signature dark, driving, melodic punk rock sound. The formula of their distinctive songwriting hasn’t changed, but has matured as a result of having five more nomadic years under their belts. These new experiences have only added to the themes of alienation, emigration, and loss present in their music...." (

Track List

A1 The Good Disciple     
A2 Remember     
A3 Pyrrhic Pyrrhic
A4 Together Apart     
A5 Amman (Before The Bomb)     

B1 Weakness     
B2 The Dead Hand Of Tradition     
B3 Every Single Word     
B4 75 Warham     
B5 Empires

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