Public Service Broadcasting - The Race For Space /Remixes (Ltd Col.)

Public Service Broadcasting - The Race For Space /Remixes (Ltd Col.)
Public Service Broadcasting - The Race For Space /Remixes (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Test Card Recordings (TCRVAR03X)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition on orange vinyl
Release Date: 06/2016
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"...The remixed album includes brand new mixes from Field Music, Boxed In, Vessels, Dutch Uncles, Robert Babicz, Maps and Copy Paste Soul plus Psychemagik, Blond:Ish, Petar Dundov and Kauf..."

"...Eight of the original album’s nine songs are given new treatments here at least once. ‘E.V.A’, ‘Sputnik’, ‘Korolev’ and ‘Go’ appear twice. So, for instance, we get to compare and contrast the overdriven bass of Vessels' version of ‘E.V.A’, an entirely suitable dance floor-banger of an opener, with its interpretation by the ever-fascinating Dutch Uncles. In this version, an early section redolent of Max Richter’s work on the soundtrack to the Leftovers gives way to a driving midsection which feels like it might have fitted on a mid-period Michael Jackson album. Honestly, it does. Kauf’s take on ‘Go’ appears to feature only the merest hint of the original source, a pulsing bass here, a synth lead there, only becoming truly recognisable as an offshoot in its final minute, whilst Errors focus on the interplay of the synths which made the original so forceful much more strongly. Field Music’s ‘Korolev’ is as quirky as you might expect from that wonderful band, whilst its Robert Babiscz-helmed counterpart is a much more strident and insistent affair, all driving krautrock and swirling synths..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 E.V.A. (Vessels)     
A2 Tomorrow (Copy Paste Soul)     
A3 Go! (Kauf)     
A4 The Other Side (Maps)     

B1 Korolev (Field Music)     
B2 Sputnik (Petar Dundov)     
B3 Valentina (Boxed In)     
B4 E.V.A. (Dutch Uncles)

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