Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Any Port In A Storm

Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Any Port In A Storm
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Any Port In A Storm
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Fire Records (FIRELP331)
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Release Date: 11/2013
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"DIY rock at its finest, with simple musical ideas matched with simple lyrics in such a masterful way that it effectively becomes anything but simple. A record that demonstrates the overlooked value of embracing Australian music & culture in the face of a dominating American influence" (

"...Melbourne’s Craig Dermody knows the power of great storytelling. It’s a testament to this skill that ‘Any Port In A Storm’ – effectively a concept album in which nothing remarkable actually happens – works so well. The basic gist is this: songwriting troubadour has a couple of tough years back home, moves on a whim to big bad New York City, realises he knows nobody there, struggles to eke out a living, misses home, writes tunes about it. That’s it. It’s great because it shows the realistic side of the Big Apple for what it really is – a huge, swarming motherfucker of a city that’s equal parts mindblowing and terrifying. “I’d do anything for a coin, I got the wolves knocking on my door”, Dermody sings on ‘Fakin’ NYC’. He sounds small, beaten and subdued beneath the Lemonheads-meets-Diiv slack drawl of the music. The key thing here? Unlike so many of his contemporaries, he also sounds totally believable" (Read More:

Track List (Listen in full here)

A1 Junk Shop     
A2 Lesbian Wife     
A3 1993     
A4 Fakin NYC     
A5 Clock Out And Leave     
A6 Jackie Boy     

B1 Downtown     
B2 Spring Street     
B3 Gammy Leg     
B4 Charlie's In The Gutter     
B5 Wild Heart

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