Elliott Smith - An Introduction To

Elliott Smith - An Introduction To
Elliott Smith - An Introduction To
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Domino (WIGLP265)
Special Attributes: Vinyl 180g, Mp3 digital download
Release Date: 2010
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"...There weren’t many singer/songwriter/producers around who could make music so raw and honest, so personal and universal, that it could touch you no matter how it was presented. Just Smith and a four-track in his bedroom or sitting behind the piano at Abbey Road, it didn’t matter..." (

"..As the song selection goes, though, An Introduction To... is as tasteful and as thorough as one could reasonably demand. As you might expect, given the title and the label, it is distinctly light on material from Smith's Dreamworks years, during which he was arguably at the peak of his powers, but it makes up for that thinness by offering up a judicious selection from Smith's indie breakthrough, 1998's Either/Or, as well as a few slightly rarer versions of fan favorites, like the single version of "Happiness" and a newly remastered version of 1997's "Last Call".As is the way with these sorts of things, An Introduction To... will also invite the more familiar listener to play a game of soft scrutiny and reflection on what may or may not be a few sins of omission, but of course that's not really the point. The point is that there are lots of people who haven't yet had the occasion to discover Elliott Smith, and ultimately this gives them a chance to scratch away at the bittersweet reality of his work, at how conflicted he sounded, at how bitterly unresolved his career remains, and how every single song still somehow feels like both a confection and a dagger" (Read more:

Track List  

A1 Ballad Of Big Nothing         
A2 Waltz #2 (XO)         
A3 Pictures Of Me         
A4 The Biggest Lie         
A5 Alameda         
A6 Between The Bars         
A7 Needle In The Hay  
B1 Last Call         
B2 Angeles         
B3 Twilight         
B4 Pretty (Ugly Before)         
B5 Angel In The Snow         
B6 Miss Misery (Early Version)         
B7 Happiness (Single Version)

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