Zig Zags - Running Out Of Red

Zig Zags - Running Out Of Red
Zig Zags - Running Out Of Red
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Castle Face (CF-072)
Special Attributes: Includes"They Came For Us" poster with lyrics & a download card
Release Date: 05/2016
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“...if 2016's Running Out of Red sounds a bit harder and more driven than the debut, the same metal/punk/stoner axis still guides this band's actions..." (

"...the Zig Zags still want to be the band pumping out of the 8-Track player in some hesher's rusted-out muscle car in the fall of 1973. Chris Woodhouse's production certainly pushes forward the metal aspects of Maheu's guitar sound, and the garage punk accents that Ty Segall brought out on the debut are less audible. But the Zig Zags are still intent upon making music that sounds like it was created for a beast with a bong in one hand and The Satanic Bible in the other. If that description sounds cool to you, then you'll probably like Running Out of Red a whole lot. Maheu's guitar work is still chunky, powerful, and meaty. Miller and Arnold reliably keep everything moving forward in fifth gear and help Maheu's vendetta against the listener's eardrums. And the band walks a fine line between chucking at the cliches of heavy rock while acknowledging its very real pleasures..." (Read More:

Track List (Stream in full here)

A1 They Came For Us    
A2 No Brains No Balls    
A3 The Sadist    
A4 Total Recall    
A5 Lizard Music    

B1 Sineaters    
B2 Giving Up The Ghost    
B3 Can’t Afford The Basics    
B4 My Lighter    
B5 Meatman    
B6 Afraid Of The Dark    
B7 Night Of The Knife

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