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Tracy Bryant - Subterranean (Ltd Col.)

Tracy Bryant - Subterranean (Ltd Col.)
Tracy Bryant - Subterranean (Ltd Col.) Tracy Bryant - Subterranean (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Burger Records ‎(BRGR-899)
Special Attributes: Ltd edition Yellow with orange vinyl
Release Date: 02/2016
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"...When you have such a combination from Tucson, Arizona (Corners frontman Tracy Bryant, Matt Rendon of The Resonars & featuring members of Froth & Mystic Braves) this is simply a rock'n'roll explosion to the ears!..."

"...Emerging from some sonic netherworld where '60s garage rock and early psychedelia dance cheek to cheek as if the year 1966 represented the peak of human evolution, Corners frontman Tracy Bryant lets the guitars, reverb, and echo do much of the talking on his first full-length solo project, 2016's Subterranean. Sounding nearly as swampy as the Cramps in their heyday, but with a guitar tone that owes more to surf and garage than mutant rockabilly, Subterranean has a decidedly retro attack, but at the same time these songs feel contemporary, with Bryant bringing a touch of 21st century moodiness and up-to-date melodic bite to music that could have otherwise seemed like an exercise in misplaced nostalgia...The interplay between the musicians is intuitive and comfortable, and producer Matt Rendon of the Resonars gives the music plenty of texture while permitting the melodies to shine though. Subterranean is a compelling solo effort from a man whose spin on '60s rock puts him ahead of his psych-influenced peers" (Read More:

Track List (Stream in full here)

1 The Background Singer     
2 Come Around     
3 I'm Never Gonna Be Your Man     
4 Shining     
5 Hey Spaceman!     
6 Start The Motor     
7 Subterranean     
8 Tell You     
9 Want     
10 The Gun     
11 17,000 Miles

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