Parquet Courts - Human Performance

Parquet Courts - Human Performance
Parquet Courts - Human Performance
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Rough Trade (RTRADLP810)
Special Attributes: Deluxe gatefold packaging with 16 artwork panels & digital download code
Release Date: 04/2016
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"...If guitar music is condemned to skulk in the margins for the time being, it might as well do so sounding as spiky and agitated as this..." (

"...Maybe the reason Parquet Courts are good at what they do is that what they do is so easy. If that were the case, though, we would be over them by now, too busy chasing after a band rolling out similar copy to applaud their own. Parquet Courts are good at what they do, where technically elementary guitar lines are penned with the overwrought, overthought, overwritten edits a mind like Savage’s can’t help but imbue with meaning and stress. Like the Velvet Underground or Beat Happening, Savage and co. are too invested in the meaning behind their songs to settle for truly simplistic work. Like the slow pace of “It’s Gonna Happen” and “Steady On My Mind” suggest, they aren’t looking for lazy downtempo fillers. It’s the first time Parquet Courts are molding slow dance cuts into proper tracks, marking a true change in style that represents how much they’ve grown..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 Dust    
A2 Human Performance    
A3 Outside    
A4 I Was Just Here    
A5 Paraphrased    
A6 Captive Of The Sun    
A7 Steady On My Mind    

B1 One Man No City    
B2 Berlin Got Blurry    
B3 Keep It Even    
B4 Two Dead Cops    
B5 Pathos Prairie    
B6 It's Gonna Happen

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