Wild Nothing - Empty Estate

Wild Nothing - Empty Estate
Wild Nothing - Empty Estate
Format: Vinyl (12") 
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Label (Code): Bella Union (BELLAV398)
Special Attributes: Includes the cd of the Ep
Release Date: 05/2013
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"...Empty Estate has wandered through various modes, ultimately coming off like a thoroughly pleasant but unexpected long walk on a summer evening..." (

"...Blurty processed sax solos, robotic vocoder voices, and jagged guitar lines all drop in for segments and then disappear, some of the ideas translating well and others just coming along for the ride. These more straightforward moments are broken up by tracks like the wobbly instrumental bubbling of "On Guyot" or the hypnotic slow-burning faux-Krautrock of "Ride." Certain moments feel more like tentative experiments, but ultimately any of these tracks could be the jumping-off point for an entire album's worth of material, and hearing them all together makes for a more interesting presentation..." (Read More:

Track List
(Listen in full here)

A1 The Body In Rainfall    
A2 Ocean Repeating (Big-eyed Girl)    
A3 On Guyot    
A4 Ride    

B1 Data World    
B2 A Dancing Shell
B3 Hachiko

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