Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes (Ltd 2xLP Col.)

Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes (Ltd 2xLP Col.)
Veruca Salt - Ghost Notes (Ltd 2xLP Col.)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): El Camino Media (ECM039-1)
Special Attributes: Ltd coloured double vinyl
Release Date: 01/2016
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"...The '90s alt-rock mainstays return with their first album with co-frontwoman Nina Gordon in the fold since 1997. They more or less pick up where they left off, as Gordon and Louise Post temper each other’s extremes while mutually enhancing strengths..." (

"...Holding on to feelings of youth while accepting your age is hard no matter the context. Veruca Salt’s original lineup gives it a whirl anyway and comes close to pulling it off from front to back. Opening lines like “I know it’s late but it’s better than never/ I always thought you would live forever” on “I’m Telling You Now” are strung like candy necklaces, the sugary vocal delivery contrasting with the snarl of the guitars. Veruca Salt helped form the take-it-and-run blend of power and melody in the ’90s. It’s been 18 years since the original lineup tackled their original sound, so Ghost Notes slows things down to half the tempo to pretend like nothing has changed. For 14 songs, it’s easy to pretend that’s true..." (Read More:

Track List  

A1 Prelude To Zeus     
A2 The Gospel According To Saint Me     
A3 Black And Blonde     
A4 Eyes On You     

B1 Prince Of Wales     
B2 The Sound Of Leaving     
B3 Love You Less     
B4 Laughing In The Sugar Bowl     

C1 Empty Bottle     
C2 Come Clean, Dark Thing     
C3 I'm Telling You Now     
C4 Triage     

D1 Lost To Me     
D2 Into The Sun     
D3 The Museum Of Broken Relationships     
D4 Alternica     
D5 Coda

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