The Walkabouts - Devil's Road (2xLP+2CD)

The Walkabouts - Devil's Road (2xLP+2CD)
The Walkabouts - Devil's Road (2xLP+2CD)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP+2xCD) 
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Label (Code): Glitterhouse (GRLP 810)
Special Attributes: Deluxe edition 180gr double Vinyl, contains 2xCD
Release Date: 2014 (1995)
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"Half of the tracks comprising Devil's Road feature the string arrangements of the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, giving greater depth to a sound that's already impossibly rich. Recorded in Berlin, the album is dark & soulful, the work of a band at the peak of its powers..." (

"...1996: The Walkabouts are standing at the edge of their career. Glitterhouse isn't the distribution partner of Sub Pop anymore and because of these changes the bond breaks and the band are in need of a new label. At that time, Major-Labels still had a strong interest in signing Indie-bands, and were open to investing reasonable amounts of money into their careers. Acts with an underground reputation were added to these label’s rosters in order to raise the label’s artistic profile and credibility. And so The Walkabouts were drafted, and in 1996 „Devil’s Road“ saw the light of day as the first of their two albums recorded for Virgin Records. Based on the higher production budget that the major-label provided, the band realized their long held dream and added string arrangements to their somber Folk-Country ballads and dust-dry mid-tempo rockers. In cooperation with arranger Mark Nichols and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra the strings were recorded in a radio studio in Warsaw that was still very „Eastern Block“. Eckman remembers: „We were in that rather drab studio in Warsaw. There was nothing very special about the place except for the amazing musicians. It was wonderful to see how those arrangements emerged as though they came out of thin air. It rarely happens that recordings turn out exactly like the sound that you have in your head. It was a thrilling experience when I first heard that monumental backing, added to songs that I had written-unbelievable.“ (Read More:

Track List

A1 The Light Will Stay On     
A2 Rebecca Wild     
A3 The Stopping-Off Place     
A4 Cold Eye     

B5 Christmas Valley     
B6 Blue Head Flame     
B7 When Fortune Smiles     
B8 All For This     

C9 Fairground Blues     
C10 The Leaving Kind     
C11 Forgiveness Song     

D1 Devil’s Road (Demo)     
D2 The Light Will Stay On (Demo)     
D3 Christmas Valley (No Strings)     
D4 The Leaving Kind (No Violin)     
D5 Devil’s Road (Live At The Bad)

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