Heymoonshaker - Noir (LP+CD)

Heymoonshaker - Noir (LP+CD)
Heymoonshaker - Noir (LP+CD)
Format: Vinyl (LP+CD) 
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Label (Code): Dify (91494)
Special Attributes: Gatefold cover. Contains the CD version as well.
Release Date: 12/2015
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"If their music is firmly rooted in beatbox blues, the band opens up to new musical horizons such as rock or Soul music with this second album..." (

"Much of the reason I like Heymoonshaker, aside from the uniqueness to their sound, is the easy chemistry between the two leads, both being able to riff off one another throughout a set, and again it sounds like being put in a studio has only inspired the two to carry on in this way. The production managing to weave the two distinct sounds in and around one another without it sounding jarring or forced at all..." (Read more:
Track List

A1 Find myself a home
A2 Feel love
A3 Take the reins
A4 Best of my love
A5 Amandine
A6 Streets of England

B1 MF45
B2 Stoned
B3 Lazy eye
B4 Wheels in motion
B5 Coz I lov U
B6 Heavy grip

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