Creepoid - Cemetery Highrise Slum (Ltd Col.)

Creepoid - Cemetery Highrise Slum (Ltd Col.)
Creepoid - Cemetery Highrise Slum (Ltd Col.)
Format: Viny (LP) 
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Label (Code): Collect (CLTD-1011)
Special Attributes: Comes on Sea Blue vinyl.
Release Date: 06/2015
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"Not many records find the cohesion in the distance, but Creepoid travels through it artfully, never losing sight of the song..." (

"Philadelphia rockers Creepoid headed down to Savannah, Georgia about a year ago, and the change in environs can be felt on their new album. In addition to recording the LP, they “just avoided winter,” drummer Pat Troxell told Philly-centric publication The Key. Though they’ve always worked with a dark slowcore approach, Cemetery Highrise Slum feels like trying to walk through the Savannah summer, the air hanging heavy and slowing every step. At times, the record almost sounds stretched, struggling, as if the turntable can’t get up to speed in the sticky heat. The shoegaze of “Fingernails” lingers slowly in dark shadows to avoid the burn. Standout “Shaking” plays out like a lonely ballad stuck in syrup and cigarette ashes. “You’re the one who keeps me returning to this shell of a town,” guitarist Sean Miller sighs, the track growing from Adore gloom to something gruffer..." (Read more:

Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 American Smile
A2 Devil In The Subtext
A3 Fingernails
A4 Seams
A5 Dried Out
A6 Shaking

B1 Calamine
B2 Tell The Man
B3 Worthless & Pure
B4 Eating Dirt
B5 Here

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