Title Fight - Hyperview

Title Fight - Hyperview
Title Fight - Hyperview
Format: Viny (LP) 
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Release Date: 02/2015
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"Dreamy guitars weigh heavy and carry the meaning of the songs, while hazy vocals make the album feel like the soundtrack to a gorgeous dream..." (

"A name like Title Fight carries all the semiotic baggage of hardcore: blood, sweat, and impossibly high stakes. It’s quite clear that these were all primary interests of the Pennsylvania band when they formed in 2003. Of course, they were in middle school at the time, but in the eight years it took to produce their debut album, 2011’s Shed, their sound and interests remained largely elemental. On the title track and “Flood of ‘72”, Jamie Rhoden’s throat sounded like it was paved over with loose gravel, and the rest of the band seemed content to show off all the nuanced ways they could beat their instruments into the ground. Follow-up Floral Green looked toward that same ground for its title and literal theme, continuing the band’s vicious trajectory but betraying some signs (most notably the out-of-nowhere shoegazer “Head in the Ceiling Fan”) that they were anxious to move beyond their hardcore, ahem, roots. Hyperview is a resounding statement that Title Fight hasn’t just stopped rubbing their noses in the dirt. The album is a drastic departure from anything the foursome have even attempted before, both in its lush sound and its ambitious scope..." (Read more:

Track List (Listen to the album in full)

A1 Murder Your Memory
A2 Chlorine
A3 Hypernight
A4 Mrahc
A5 Your Pain Is Mine Now

B1 Rose Of Sharon
B2 Trace Me Onto You
B3 Liar's Love
B4 Dizzy
B5 New Vision

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