Blur - 13 (Special Edition 2xLP)

Blur - 13 (Special Edition 2xLP)
Blur - 13 (Special Edition 2xLP) Blur - 13 (Special Edition 2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): EMI (FOODLPX29)
Special Attributes: Special edition on 180g vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Including codes to download the album and extra bonus material.
Release Date: 2012
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13 sounds like the grown-up you could like to be. Abstruse, romantic, bloody-minded joy that it is. Especially when the guitar kicks in on Trimm Trabb. (extracted from

"Despite Graham Coxon's fingerprints, 13 is Damon Albarn's record from start to finish. From the opening epic, "Tender," in which Albarn delivers the line "Love's the greatest thing that we have" with a sarcastic croon after admiting that his heart screwed up his life, to the beautiful, stripped closer, "No Distance Left to Run," in which he sighs with resignation, "It's over/ You don't need to tell me/ I hope you're with someone who makes you feel safe in your sleep," Albarn opens his veins over 13's DAT tapes. Sort of. On "Swamp Song," though, he goes all Iggy Pop, grabbing the mic with sass and pose. And "B.L.U.R.E.M.I." could be a Brainiac song, the closest tune here to attaining the backlashed "Whoo-Hoo!"
Despite all the knob- twiddling and pedal- kicking, 13 contains several surprisingly subtle songs. "Trim Tramm" bobs along to quiet chords before kicking in the jets, and "Mellow Song" lets dainty moon- cocktail piano lines and hollow chimes swirl around lovely acoustic plucking. Each song is unique, yet fits perfectly into the overall hungover, psychedelic, 2001 mood" (extracted from

Track List

A1 Tender
A2 Bugman        
A3 Coffee & TV
B1 Swamp Song        
B2 1992        
B3 B.L.U.R.E.M.I.        

C1 Battle
C2 Mellow Song        
C3 Trailerpark
D1 Caramel        
D2 Trimm Trabb        
D3 No Distance Left To Run        
D4 Optigan 1

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