The Gun Club - Fire Of Love

The Gun Club - Fire Of Love
The Gun Club - Fire Of Love The Gun Club - Fire Of Love
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Munster (MR256)
Special Attributes: Licensed from Ruby Records, with a nice inner sleeve & sleeve art from the third reissue (on New Rose)
Release Date: 2003
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"What makes Fire Of Love such a brilliant listen long after its time is the fact that this blatant homage to the blues was amplified, energized & kicked into overdrive - yet not in the way, The Yardbirds or Led Zeppelin did it, but in a new style that combined the ghostliness of the original model with a fast, unwound & supremely energetic beat..." (

"The Gun Club's debut is the watermark for all post-punk roots music. This features the late Jeffrey Lee Pierce's swamped-out brand of roiling rock, swaggerific hell-bound blues, and gothic country. With Pierce's wailing high lonesome slide guitar twinned with Ward Dotson's spine-shaking riffs and the solid yet off-the-rails rhythm section of bassist Rob Ritter and drummer Terry Graham, The Gun Club burst out of L.A. in the early '80s with a bone to pick and a mountain to move -- and they accomplished both on their debut album. With awesome, stripped to the frame production by the Flesh Eaters' Chris D., Fire of Love blew away all expectations -- and with good reason. Nobody has heard music like this before or since. Pierce's songs were rooted in his land of Texas...The songs become rock & roll ciphers, erasing themselves as soon as they speak, heading off into the whirlwind of a storm that is so big, so black, and so awful one cannot meditate on anything but its power. Fire of Love may be just what the doctor ordered, but to cure or kill is anybody's guess." (

Track List
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A1 Sex Beat  
A2 Preaching The Blues          
A3 Promise Me          
A4 She's Like Heroin To Me          
A5 For The Love Of Ivy         
A6 Fire Spirit      
B1 Ghost On The Highway         
B2 Jack On Fire         
B3 Black Train         
B4 Cool Drink Of Water          
B5 Goodbye Johnny     

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