Jackson Scott - Sunshine Redux

Jackson Scott - Sunshine Redux
Jackson Scott - Sunshine Redux
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Blood Moss (BM007)
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Release Date: 04/2015
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"His second album Sunshine Redux is a translation of this paradoxical psyche, a kaleidoscope of sounds ranging from 60’s flower power to 90’s hip-hop production techniques..." (bloodmossrecords)

"Though its title might have you believe that Sunshine Redux acts as something like a sequel, Scott’s second album (and first for Portland, Oregon’s Bloodmoss Records) diverges subtly from its predecessor even as it stays the course ever outward into uncharted (and cloudier) territories. On many of these ten tracks, the guitars alone provide darker textures than anything heard on Melbourne; seemingly cranked far beyond the manufacturer’s suggested volume..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Woodworkk
A2 Broken Record Report
A3 Ripe For Love
A4 Steal Me
A5 Pacify

B1 Save The World
B2 Merry Nightmare
B3 Dissonance
B5 Ripe For Love II

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