Straight Arrows - Rising (Ltd Col.)

Straight Arrows - Rising (Ltd Col.)
Straight Arrows - Rising (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Agitated (AGIT030) / Rice Is Nice (RIN023LP)
Special Attributes: Orange vinyl. Includes download code.
Release Date: 2014
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"This is hairy fuzzed out psychedelic garage pop without the patchouli-scented kaftans. Is it reckless? Is it fun? YEAH! Derr….it’s a new Straight Arrows record..." (

"It's a slight disappointment to discover that Australia's Straight Arrows look like ordinary people. Their second album suggests they should, at the very least, be sporting black jeans of extraordinary tightness, Cuban-heeled chelsea boots and gleaming bowl haircuts. Yes, it's garage rock time, and if Straight Arrows don't have quite the sense of mischief of, say, Black Lips, they've got the genre signifiers down pat – see Fruit of the Forest's viciously fuzzed lead guitar line and Continental Son's brutishly simple riff – though they do sometimes journey as far afield as the garage-played-by-people-who-also-like-hardcore style of their compatriots Eddy Current Suppression Ring..." (Read more:
Track List (Stream the album in full)

A1 Introduction
A2 Fruit Of The Forest
A3 Can't Stand It
A4 Petrified
A5 Continental Son
A6 Don't Tell Me
A7 Rotten Teeth

B1 Make Up Your Mind
B2 Without Ya
B3 Don't Call My Name
B4 Breakdown
B5 Changing Colours
B6 Never Enough

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