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Mr. Airplane Man - S/T (Ltd)

Mr. Airplane Man - S/T (Ltd)
Mr. Airplane Man - S/T (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Moi J'Connais (MJCR016)
Special Attributes: Limited reissue. Comes with download code.
Release Date: 06/2013
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"This album is a witness of their early days as a band. It captures their very first studio experience and the very deep & true essence of what Mr Airplane Man became later on. Originally self-released in 1998 on Cd by the band, it had to wait 15 years to finally be released on a proper vinyl." (

"Featuring eight tough, reverb-laden songs, Mr. Airplane Man stands as a unique and towering achievement, even after the glaring overexposure of "the blues duo" in the wake of the White Stripes' success. Margaret Garrett's vocals and lyrics betrayed a sense of yearning – at times they were almost haunted. Her guitar sounded as big as a house and she had the goods: Vintage-sounding fuzz, slashing slide riffs, and all this over an unfailing sense of rhythm. Tara McManus presided over the proceedings with her huge attack, pushing Garrett and the listener to new and ecstatic levels of booty-shaking..." (Read more:

Track List (Listen to the full album below)

A1 Baby
A2 Moanin' For My Baby
A3 You Left Me Cold
A4 Highway
A5 My Hand

B1 Sun Sinkin' Low
B2 Rain So Hard
B3 Jesus On The Mainline

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