The Black Ryder - The Door Behind The Door

The Black Ryder - The Door Behind The Door
The Black Ryder - The Door Behind The Door
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Anti-Machine Machine (AMM000021)
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Release Date: 24/02/2015
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"...The talent they showed for crafting atmospheres is even more impressive here: thanks to the lavish production & arrangements, The Door Behind the Door is crisper & more massive-sounding than its predecessor." (

"...The Door Behind the Door's best moments show that the Black Ryder's songwriting has taken even bigger steps forward than their sound. At times, they seemed content to let Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride's sultry, sullen vibe do most of the heavy lifting; this time around, there's a clarity to Nash and Von Ryper's melodies and lyrics that makes them that much more resonant. Von Ryper is lovelorn but not bitter on "The Going Up Was Worth the Coming Down" and "Santaria" (which comes the closest to Buy the Ticket's hypnotic churn), and while Nash is never less than alluring on the love scene-ready "Seventh Moon," the way she coos "we could destroy and conquer all" on "Let Me Be Your Light" hints that her sensuality isn't all sweetness..." (Read More:

Track List

1 - Babylon [02:13] 
2 - Seventh Moon [05:31] 
3 - The Going up Was Worth the Coming Down [06:09] 
4 - Let Me Be Your Light [06:14] 
5 - Santaria [06:35] 
6 - Throwing Stones [04:56] 
7 - All That We Are [06:08] 
8 - Until the Calm of Dawn [03:57] 
9 - (Le Dernier Sommeil) The Final Sleep [12:12] 

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