Foxygen - ... And Star Power (2xLP)

Foxygen - ... And Star Power (2xLP)
Foxygen - ... And Star Power (2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Release Date: 09/2014
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"...its songwriting and overall conceptualising is definitely miles above the duo's experimental adolescent triple album. '...And Star Power' is not an album - it's an out-of-body experience..." (

"... If their last album was a 60s feast, ‘…And Star Power’ is a 70s all-you-can-eat buffet that gloriously clashes stewed girl-group harmonies (‘Star Power IV: Ooh Ooh’) with chargrilled punk riffs (‘Can’t Contextualize My Mind’), crushed-ice soul shakes (‘Coulda Been My Love’), side-dishes of glam rock (‘Freedom II’) and a supersize bucket of hip-shaking foot-clicking, finger-licking raw attitude. Even with a pupil-popping twenty-four tracks, the album rarely feels repetitive. In usual Foxygen style, most of the tracks anyway comprise of several parts that twist-and-turn and helter-skelter like a piss-up at a playpark. ‘Cold Winter / Freedom’, for example, shape shifts from a distortion sludge into a full-out wig-out, while ’ Cosmic Vibrations’ morphs from a Doors-y feel into a Stones-y ending and ‘Everyone Needs Love’ rollercoasters through every sound of the album like a musical safari..." (Read more:

Track List
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     I: The Hits & Star Power Suite
A1 Star Power Airlines    
A2 How Can You Really    
A3 Coulda Been My Love    
A4 Cosmic Vibrations    
A5 You & I    
A6 Star Power I: Overture    
A7 Star Power II: Star Power Nite    
A8 Star Power III: What Are We Good For    
A9 Star Power IV: Ooh Ooh    
    II: The Paranoid Side
B1 I Don't Have Anything / The Gate    
B2 Mattress Warehouse    
B3 666    
B4 Flowers    
B5 Wally's Farm    
B6 Cannibal Holocaust    
B7 Hot Summer    
    III: Scream: A Journey Through Hell
C1 Cold Winter / Freedom    
C2 Can't Contextualize My Mindi    
C3 Brooklyn Police Station    
C4 The Game    
C5 Freedom II    
C6 Talk    
    IV: Hang On To Love
D1 Everyone Needs Love    
D2 Hang

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