Woman - Woman

Woman - Woman
Woman - Woman
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Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): BANG! (LP-39)
Special Attributes: Gatefold Cover
Release Date: 2009
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A musical death trip in between Scientists, Honeymoon Killers, Birthday Party, Pussy Galore, Beasts Of Bourbon, Swans etc…This is their debut album with extreme music for noise and swamp blues lovers.

"Entering the record, you get a real feeling of falling into quicksand, sounds mixing as the atmosphere darkens and the air begins to saturate until becoming unbearable. And it takes you deep down, down to the bottom where slime regurgitates with all the knowledge of NYC noise, near and far: Deformed blues and noise like the cacophony of Pussy Galore, abused rock and existential urban paranoia from the Swans, the rough guitars and taste for the obscene from the Unsane..." (

Track List

A1 When The Wheel's Red         
A2 Gaol Inside My Heart         
A3 The Perfect Night         
A4 E-A-T-D-N-A     

B1 Phosphorescent Glow         
B2 Fall Into The Fall         
B3 Heavy Water        
B4 Icy Drone 

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