Will Z. ‎- Dark Tales Of (Ltd Col.)

Will Z. ‎- Dark Tales Of (Ltd Col.)
Will Z. ‎- Dark Tales Of (Ltd Col.)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Headspin Records (OYE011)
Special Attributes: Limited edition of 200 copies on CLEAR/WHITE MIXED vinyl.
Release Date: 2014
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"...from stoner-fuzz to lots of atmosphere dripping with Psychedelia, even a dosage of drone. This unique combination creates an intense amount of ambience. It’s rock and roll that Satan himself would make..." (

Will Z is one of the heads of Cosmic Trip Machine, one-man band and producer of the 2013 Book of AM 'cult' project, inspired by a mixture of dark occult rock and positive acid-folk. This third project of Will Z. is a collection of dark electric numbers, originally composed for the final part of '12 Visions'. Expect positive folk songs based on prehistoric legends of Menorca island and tracks composed during Will Z.'s musical teenage years. The result of all these sessions was two albums, 'Jellyfish Island' (mainly folk and unreleased) and 'Dark Tales of Will Z.', which mainly offers psychedelic rock. (Headspin)

Track List

Total Darkness    
2  Satan Girl    
3  The Eye Of Destiny    
4  Venenum Versus Viam    
5  Spider Blues    
6  171 Bpm    
7  My Dark Side    
8  I'm Not Me    
9  Captain Blizzard    
10 Ego Ritual    
11 Pure Beauty    
12 Trouble Me

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