Quilt - Held In Splendor (Ltd)

Quilt - Held In Splendor (Ltd)
Quilt - Held In Splendor (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Mexican Summer (MEX149)
Special Attributes: Limited Edition first pressing of 2000 copies on high quality virgin vinyl. Digital download included.
Release Date: 01/2014
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" a good example of a record that successfully executes the tropes of psych—it sounds like it could’ve been recorded in 1967 without directly ripping off any artist in particular—without every truly transcending them..." (

"...Shane Butler, Anna Fox Rochinski, and John Andrews bring more form and focus to their trips; that they were able to record these songs in an intense set of sessions, instead of over the course of a year like they did with their debut, only helps their coherence. Working with Woods' Jarvis Taveniere was also an inspired choice, since his music also feels like both a long-lost discovery and utterly fresh. With his help, Held in Splendor's writing and production values have all taken several steps forward. The fuller arrangements and instrumentation on "A Mirror," where the bassline provides a strong and sinuous backbone, and "Tired & Buttered," where a woozy saxophone captures the feeling of being pleasantly half-asleep, deliver the depth that was hinted at on Quilt. There's a lysergic brightness and sparkle to the album's sound, particularly on opening track and former single "Arctic Shark," where Rochinski ponders "heavy dreams" and "newborn forms" over sitar-like guitars..." (Read More:

Track List
(Listen the album in full here)

A1 Arctic Shark    
A2 Saturday Bride    
A3 Eye Of The Pearl    
A4 Mary Mountain    
A5 Tie Up The Tides    
A6 The Hollow
B1 A Mirror    
B2 Just Dust    
B3 The World Is Flat    
B4 Tired & Buttered    
B5 Secondary Swan    
B6 Talking Trains    
B7 I Sleep In Nature

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