The New Christs ‎- Incantations

The New Christs ‎- Incantations
The New Christs ‎- Incantations
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Impedance Records ‎(IMP037)
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Release Date: 06/2014
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"...The latest New Christs LP has all the killer riffs and occasional Radio Birdman flashbacks you’d expect, but more than that too..." (

"...while Incantations is a highly melodic album, packed with hooks and insidious tunes, it’s a tightly-coiled brute, as claustrophobically dense with detail as it is outright rocking.
The album is cunningly programmed to lure the listener into its boa constrictor coils;  opener Ghostlike has an almost 60s frat rock element to it, but driven by a steely sense of intent and purpose. Next up is the stunning Waves Form, a surf-influenced modern garage rocker that takes the listener on a febrile trip into “remembered yesterdays” as Younger ominously sneers “save your sons for the ditches down the beach” and stolidly observes “tying off behind the dunes” The track may open with Wipe Out surf toms, but this is weighty, literate rock music of a kind all too rare these days and one of several examples of Dave Kettley’s sublime compositional skills. The following We Are Lovers is dizzyingly creative avant-pop with subtle and intriguing lyrics, while It Means Everything is a surging firestorm of burgeoning Ron Asheton guitar skronk and creative melodic shifts.In truth, every single song on the album is beautifully written and performed with maximum venom..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Ghostlike
A2 Waves Form
A3 We Are Lovers
A4 It Means Everything
A5 It's Not A Game
A6 A Window To See

B1 The Golden Street
B2 This Is A Party
B3 Precious Little
B4 Unless
B5 Divine Somehow

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