Tamikrest ‎- Adagh

Tamikrest ‎- Adagh
Tamikrest ‎- Adagh
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Glitterhouse Records ‎(GRLP 703)
Special Attributes: 180 gram vinyl
Release Date: 2010
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"...These young rebel dudes manage to make the grinding of Stratocasters feel redolent of light flooding over rock, employing a layered droning derived from traditional vocal polyphony...." (

"... It has led to a new generation of guitar bands emerging from the nomadic Touareg community, singing about their struggles, suffering and hopes in the Tamashek language. And it has meant that desert blues is now influencing even indie rock bands such as Dirtmusic, whose American guitarist Chris Eckman produced this set. The two bands met at the Festival in the Desert a couple of years back, and have been working together ever since. So although this album has inevitable echoes of the loping, rhythmic guitar style of Tinariwen, the desert blues is mixed with thoughtful, breathy laments in which the drifting guitar work makes them sound like the African answer to an Americana band. Tinariwen are still the kings of desert blues, but Tamikrest are impressive young contenders..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Outamachek
A2 Aicha
A3 Amidini
A4 Tamiditin
A5 Aratane N' Adagh

B1 Tidite Tille
B2 Tahoult
B3 Alhoriya
B4 Adagh
B5 Adounia Mahegagh
B6 Toumastin

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