The Luck Of Eden Hall - Butterfly Revolutions (Ltd Col. 2xLP)

The Luck Of Eden Hall - Butterfly Revolutions (Ltd Col. 2xLP)
The Luck Of Eden Hall - Butterfly Revolutions (Ltd Col. 2xLP)
Format: Vinyl (2xLP) 
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Label (Code): Headspin Records (MEXS 001)
Special Attributes: Limited to 200 colored & 300 black copies, housed in a 350gms gatefold sleeve, including an insert with lyrics & photo's.
Release Date: 04/2013
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"...It’s a properly intoxicating,head-spinning noise, but they excel at achieving psychotropic lift-off precisely because the fundamentals are nailed down so well..." (

"...Already a favourite from their 2011 EP, “Chrysalide” shows Gregory Curvey, Mark Lofgren and Carlos Mendoza playing their hearts out on this anthemic call to arms. “Shampoo” rocks out with a nineties grunge sound with a psychedelic allegory, whilst “Silly Girl” is more reflective indie but no less memorable. “Queen Anne’s Lace” has been knocking around the recesses of my mind for the past few weeks. It’s a lysergic ballad not unlike Arthur Lee, I Love it. Flipping the vinyl to volume 2 shows a band brimming full of ideas. “North Hampton Woods” acoustica gives the listener to catch their breath.“Henrietta Lacks A Smile” starts with stripped back piano, building up with mellotron sounding strings with a ghostly finish. Completing the 24 tracks is “A Drop in the Ocean” that finds the group at their trippiest: echoing vocals, Hendrix guitar, syncopated drums and a head swirling subject matter. Overall, how does it feel to be a drop in Butterfly Revolutions? Like a holiday for the mind into the amazing world of The Luck of Eden Hall: updated psych for the modern era, always interesting, beautifully produced and most importantly great tunes..." (Read more:

Track List

     Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1
A1 Chrysalide    
A2 This Weather's Better For Velvet Clothes    
A3 Medicine Queen    
A4 Jupiter    
A5 Velvet And Corduroy    
A6 Shampoo    
B1 All Her Seasick Parties    
B2 Silly Girl    
B3 Pretty Little Things    
B4 She Falls Down    
B5 Blue Vinyl    
B6 Queen Anne's Lace    
    Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2
C1 Metropolis    
C2 Complicated Mind    
C3 Caroline    
C4 North Hampton Woods    
C5 The Ottoman Girl    
C6 Henrietta Lacks A Smile    
D1 Flowers    
D2 Whither Fare Thou Be    
D3 Revolutions    
D4 Realization Loop    
D5 We Are Not Self Control    
D6 A Drop In The Ocean

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