Ignatz ‎- Can I Go Home Now?

Ignatz ‎- Can I Go Home Now?
Ignatz ‎- Can I Go Home Now?
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Fonal Records ‎(FR-91LP)
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Release Date: 2013
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"...This album feels more fleshed out than its predecessors – less like a haunted house, more like a couple of animatronic polar bears playing the blues in a really good intriguing cloud-stew of sounds..." (The Wire)

"...It’s not just the bare-bones simplicity of the sound, but the spontaneity with which it’s achieved; we get the feeling that Mr. Devens has never considered making music any other way, never doubting, never thinking twice about what he’s done. And that’s what sets him apart from the partygoer who snatchs an acoustic guitar to play an interminable rendition of “Redemption Song” — Ignatz isn’t doing this to impress anyone. There’s no urgency in his voice, because he knows we’re all fucked... After this psychologically draining journey, you may find your eyelids gradually agreeing with the song’s title. Ignatz’ tunes are designed to add symbolic weight to one’s solitude, to drone on after the last candle has melted and the palpitations of the heart have lost their caffeinated verve. To sleep, perchance to whatever — he couldn’t care less what you do, but he’s here to provide you with a poignantly miserable soundtrack to it..." (Read More:

Track List

A1 I Need A Good Night's Sleep    
A2 Weep Weep Weep    
A3 Awake    
A4 Strange Way Ahead    
A5 My Love Is Dazed    
A6 Certainity    

B1 Rolling Bones    
B2 My Trip To Somewhere    
B3 Abandon The Night    
B4 She Gets All That She Wants    
B5 A Hard Day    
B6 32 Years Ago

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