Dignan Porch - Nothing Bad Ever Happen

Dignan Porch - Nothing Bad Ever Happen
Dignan Porch - Nothing Bad Ever Happen
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Captured Tracks (CT-161)
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Release Date: 08/2012
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"...Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen has flashes of brilliance and moments where they're still figuring out what to do, but overall, it shows them growing into something new as gracefully as they can..." (

"...The album’s lo-fi stylings work best when everything comes together with an element of surprise. Dignan Porch digs deeper into the past on “Sad Shape”, where a driving rhythm, sub-Casio discordance, and drugged-out guitar licks make for a psychedelic jam that can only come from a group of collaborators successfully finding their groove. Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen’s guitar work exhibits some sparks of life beneath the stoned, lethargic fog, notably the extensive, tripped-out guitar solo on “Pink Oil”, but most impressive is “Darkness”, where the riffs are submerged in the murky depths of an abyss, complete with campy UFO sound effects straight out of the 50s, as Walsh nonchalantly sings about finding nothing but light in the song’s namesake..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Picking Up Dust    
A2 Sad Shape    
A3 She Is Landing    
A4 Darknesss    
A5 TV Shows    
A6 Pink Oil    

B1 Sleep With The Dead     
B2 Never    
B3 Sixteen Hits    
B4 And Are Now Not    
B5 Cancelled TV Shows    
B6 Interlude    
B7 You Win, You Win  

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