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Plantains / Os Noctàmbulos - Split (Ltd)

Plantains / Os Noctàmbulos - Split (Ltd)
Plantains / Os Noctàmbulos - Split (Ltd) Plantains / Os Noctàmbulos - Split (Ltd) Plantains / Os Noctàmbulos - Split (Ltd)
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): Stolen Body Records (SBR007)
Special Attributes: Limited Edition of 250 copies on Half clear frosted, half blue Vinyl
Release Date: 2014
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"Plantains lean towards a psychedelic expression, with hot-tempered fuzz/reverb drenched vocals/guitars. Os Noctambulos has a cleaner, classic sound and adds a thick organ in the mix. Both bands has a highly surf-influenced 60′s garage-sound, and fits very well together on this split. (

"...So, the first half of the album is given over to Michiganites Plantains (that's right, Heaters) with six tracks to impress the listener. 'Northern Blood' and 'Fruit Basket' are the opening salvos full of beautiful, surf-garage guitars and rumbling, rolling drum beats to keep things moving along at a good lick. The brooding cool of 'Wendy' is the sound of the devil's Cadillac approaching through a red mist surrounded by a swarm of Hell's Angels bikes ready to drag race you for your soul...Os Noctambulos are up next with their six tracks to impress and the Parisian combo (albeit fronted by an Englishman) are no slouches. Instrumental opener 'Damaged' is a great dual between organ and guitars as the sound of 60s beach parties is instantly conjured up in the air around me. 'Song For Olivier' and 'Hand In Hand (With The Devil)' are both dripping in super-cool, swagger in and take your woman right off your knee kind of songs that should be played loudly from open top cars during road trips that arrive in Vegas just before the witching hour" (Read more:

Track List

(Stream Plaintains here)
1 Plantains -Northern Blood    
2 Plantains -Fruit Basket    
3 Plantains -Wendy    
4 Plantains -On The Fence    
5 Plantains -Beach Blonde    
6 Plantains -Love Bird     

(Stream Os Noctambulos here)
7 Os Noctàmbulos -Damaged    
8 Os Noctàmbulos -Song For Oliver    
9 Os Noctàmbulos -Hand In Hand (With The Devil)    
10 Os Noctàmbulos -Lizard In A Woman's Skin    
11 Os Noctàmbulos -One Mistake    
12 Os Noctàmbulos -You Make Me Mad

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