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The Notwist - S/T
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Nice Face ‎- Horizon Fires

Nice Face ‎- Horizon Fires
Nice Face ‎- Horizon Fires
Format: Vinyl (LP) 
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Label (Code): HoZac Records ‎(HZR-112)
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Release Date: 2012
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"...Horizon Fires is Nice Face's first LP since 2010's Immer Etwas, and even though NF mastermind Ian Magee has apparently moved out of NYC, he’s cranking out the same one-man synth-punk he ever was. Fans of Immer Etwas, can find a lot to like in Horizon Fires; the sparse, cold arrangements and snotty vocal delivery..." (

"...Horizon Fires overall feels a bit more thought-out and detailed than the much more straightforward Immer Etwas from 2010. For Magee, that was probably all part of the plan too. Songs now sound fully realized and there’s plenty of examples on this entire LP to help change your mind. One early example comes in “Shaman” and there’s more of that later on as well, whether it’s “March of the Cosmic Man,” “Asymptotes II,” or “Summer Shake.” Aside from these, a track like “Equipped” almost sounds like something we could have heard from Immer Etwas. It features a wonky bass line and a relentless pound that continuously pushes forward, eventually catapulting us into sharp guitar leads and spaced-out textures. If you’re asking us, this unusual sound definitely falls somewhere in the synth-punk realm..." (Read more:

Track List

A1 Liaison    
A2 Shaman    
A3 Equipped    
A4 Asymptotes I    
A5 Killing Time    
A6 You're So Dramatic    

B1 March Of The Cosmic Man    
B2 Asymptotes II    
B3 A Dark Place    
B4 Rollover    
B5 Cold Shoulder    
B6 Summer Shake    

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